Long, but inciteful post ahead!

Good Morning! Long, but incite full post ahead! 😂😂 let me start by saying, Nothing has happened and I’m perfectly fine, actually happier than I have ever been. I’ve had a little bit of time to reflect on certain things.
First. My relationship with Social media. Social media (FB, IG, Twitter)is an amazing free place to advertise and keep our customers engaged and aware of events and specials we have coming! However, many people that I thought were my friends and family, have turned against me during the past year. It’s been hurtful and I’ve blamed myself. And I’m done. We are people. We are ALL different. That’s what makes this world interesting and fun. And we have different opinions. I won’t tell you your opinion is wrong, so please don’t tell me mine is. So- I am going keep my private life just that. At least as private as I can(we all know I like to post a lot 😂😂) If you can’t be kind to me, then you don’t deserve to know me. It’s a privilege. I know that sounds cocky- but I know who I am. And I am a good person. And to know me is just that. A privilege. I feel the same way about my friends. ♥️♥️ So- my posts will be unshareable- if you want to share my Bars page(which is KICKING ASS!!! And thank you for sharing!!), please share my page’s post! Cardinal Tavern.
Second- Yelp and Google Business. Platforms that are left to the consumer to say whatever they want about a business. I’m done with them. Take a look at those websites. I can’t even take down old pictures or reviews when I wasn’t the owner. I have tried for hours to speak to someone and let them know that I am the new owner and their response was to respond to the old posts. Which I have, but they are still there to see. I have changed my cover photos, but they are still old photos. I have no control over MY business. Also- consumers can go on those sites and write anything that they want for the world to see. I get alerts sent to my phone when someone leaves a review and my heart pounds before opening each time. Will it be good? Bad? TRUTHFUL?!! I work my ass off( well not literally 🤦‍♀️)and It’s not fair that people can go on these sites and write whatever they want to write about a business. I emptied all of my savings, my son’s college fund, everything I had, to open this business, and for someone to go on and tell the world false information IS NoT RiGHT! To hear a customer say, “oh, I’ll just go on Yelp and post!”, while you think you are joking and it’s funny. It’s not. And I’m sorry, You sound like an Ass. And I will not let these people have any control over my feelings anymore. I wish I could be more like a fellow friend, neighbor, and business owner(he knows who he is(🐎 😂😂♥️♥️♥️), and respond with his attitude, but that’s not me😞 So while I cannot take myself off of Google or Yelp, I will Not be responding to anymore of the posts or comments. I will not let these comments determine my mood for the day. I will not reach out to my staff and send them pictures and ask them what happened and possibly start their day off on the wrong foot. If someone would like to reach out to me and let me know a rational concern or problem or to let me know that they loved their visit, they can call me, text me, stop in to see me, or email me! Please treat my staff with respect and kindness. They are running the bar the way I have trained them and asked them to. So, please reach out to me. Then we can go from there! And I’m sorry- but if I can’t help you or solve the problem, I promise we will understand and not be offended if you choose to not visit us again.
The point of this long post is to not say FU to anyone that has a problem with me or my business. It’s to say thank you to all of the people that are kind and supportive and generous and have continued to be so helpful to us all. You guys are the ones that deserve my attention. (Our attention!) cheers and have a great day!
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